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  First Baseman's Glove.
The Precision Design Series is for the player looking for the natural look and feel of Akadema's Apache Tan US Steerhide. Hand crafted to improve performance on the field, the Precision Design Series was constructed with U-shaped reinforced thumb and pinky fingers to maintain game shape through the toils of a professional season. Incredible playability and workmanship are the marks of distinction in the new Precision Design Series by Akadema.  
  SLAM Bat - SB-73 Pro Maple Lenght 32".
This is the most popular new style in the Big Leagues for 2003. It has a tapered medium sized 15/16” handle flaring to a very large knob with a full power hitter’s 2 5/8” barrel. The large knob serves as a counter weight making the bat feel very light and balanced. The flared handle to the knob protects the sensitive hamate bone from bruising and with a weight range not lighter than –2. .
  Baseball ASPRO-1
. Pro League Cushioned cork double rubber covered pill Top quality gray wool yarn, alum-tanned cowhide leather cover, raised seams for college or pro use

  Batting gloves.IPB batting gloves feature premium goatskin leather & durable stitching. The breathable spandex back and expanding finger gussets keep your hands cool and comfortable under the most extreme conditions. IPB batting gloves fit comfortably and are available in all popular color choices in both Adult and Youth sizes. Size availability varies by color. Gloves sold in pairs and are a must for the serious player.

Tees. IPB tees feature .

  Gloves & Mitts .IPB batting gloves feature premium.

  Sun Glasses.IPB Sun Glasses feature premium.